Irish Cultural Forum Talk on Brexit & Ireland

On October 12, 2017 Dr. Aidan Beatty, a native of Ireland, spoke at the Detroit Gaelic League about the potential effects on the Irish Republic of England’s then-proposed withdrawal from the European Union, i.e. Brexit.. On January 31, 2020 that event became reality and includes England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Protocol of the Brexit withdrawal agreement commits the UK and the EU to maintaining an open border in Ireland so that the de facto frontier is the Irish Sea between the two islands.

It’s now 2022. How’s it going? What are the economic and social impacts? Are the borders truly “open”. How has Covid affected the situation? Aidan Beatty will return to the Gaelic League at 2:00 PM on March 26, 2022 to provide his perspective on the situation. Participants can attend in-person or on-line via Zoom. For more information regarding Zoom or purchasing tickets, please contact Jim Johnson at . Donations of $5 per person would be appreciated.

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