Fraternal Order of United Irishmen (F.O.U.I.)

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F. O. U. I.




Dave Keem



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 Our Presidents

FOUI Initiated Events

Curtis Anderson (R.I.P. 2008)

St. Patrick Spring Irish Festival

William Boyd


James Carey

St. Patrick Church Christmas Decorating

John D. Cosgrove (R.I.P. 2002)


Jim Dewan

Painting of the Shamrocks at Parade Start & Meal Support

Brian Dunleavy


Paul Doulette

Chowder Performances at Nursing Homes and Charity Events

Darrel Gray


Thomas Jackson (R.I.P. 2015)

Hanging of Shamrock’s on Parade Route

Dave Keem


Gary Marchetti

Parade Day Shuttle

Thomas Mraulak


Edward Neubacher (R.I.P. 2006)

Labor Day Picnic for Seniors at St. Patrick’s Senior Center

Joseph Parsky


W. James Sullivan (R.I.P. 1994)

Corktown Run/Walk Benefit for St. Pat’s Food Pantry

Charles Taylor (R.I.P. 2019)



~ HISTORY ~ Father Duffey and Sister Mary Watson sent forth a “Clarion Call” of desperation and need of help. The year was 1978 and the Cass Corridor was a rather grim and desolate area of vacated boarded up edifices, occasionally occupied by businesses catering to academia, or second-hand shops, a few restaurants, some soup- kitchens, and bars. Most importantly for our purposes, there were hundreds of economically deprived senior citizens; indefensible targets for the numerous predators roaming the then nearly empty streets of the “Corridor”. For example, a 76 year old blind parishioner risks leaving his apartment early one Sunday morning to attend Mass and noon meal. Upon his return he finds his apartment ransacked and, what little food, clothing and few personal items he possessed are gone! Even his only contact with the outside world…his table model radio. This was the fourth such robbery of his apartment in almost as many months, the others occurring while he was obtaining medical attention or grocery shopping.

Father Tom or Sister Mary related to the F.O.U.I.s many heartrending stories of the plights of the forgotten seniors whom they encountered on a daily basis. They expressed their hopes and aspirations of a program encompassing nutritional, medical and dental care, recreational and physical therapy activities, legal and religious guidance, and most of all, restoration of self-respect and dignity.

Upon hearing of St. Patrick’s plans, the newly formed social/fraternal organization, the Fraternal Order of United Irishmen met, discussed and voted unanimously to adopt the St. Patrick’s Senior Center and St. Patrick’s Church because as it’s primary charitable function and has espoused their mission ever since.

The F.O.U.I.s, by whatever means necessary, have endeavored to promote St. Pat’s humanitarian goals through fund-raising events as well as community awareness via personal advocacy, and involvement in the Irish community year round by it’s membership in the United Irish Societies since 1978. Our membership is comprised of non-denominational, multi-ethnical men of varied professional backgrounds with an appreciation of Irish music and culture. We are non-politically affiliated; however we help to foster an awareness of the human rights problems in Ireland, past and present.

While St. Patrick’s is and always has been the Fraternal Order of United Irishmen’s primary charity, we are also proud to include in our membership, and support, as well as receive support from, the Irish Pallottine Fathers of Wyandotte, Michigan and their Missions in Tanzania South Africa; their Annual Golf Tournament and their Annual Golf Tournament and their Bi-Annual Dinner Dances.

Our F.O.U.I. Singing –Marching Chowder Society, and all-male, members only choir has performed at many seniors residences, convalescent centers, charitable functions and organizational fund-raisers in the state of Michigan.

During our many years of existence, we have grown from an initial six founding members to a vast city-wide and suburban membership, enjoying a lasting camaraderie of our fraternal brotherhood, and the satisfaction of successful efforts on behalf of St. Patrick’s Church, The Irish Pallottine Fathers and Missions and the Irish Community.

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8 pm at the Gaelic League. You are always welcome to come and join us.


Pavers installed at the UIS Irish Plaza Honoring the memory of our deceased Brothers




FOUI Chowder Society performing at Annual Souper Bowl Fundraiser 10/15/17

l-r: D. Henkel, N. Massa, R. Cooley, D. Keem, J. Dewan, B. Quaine, F. Kenny, B. Gunkleman, J. Connolly, J. Bentley, J. Murphy,

Director D. Mulrenin - seated

FOUI President Brian Dunleavy presenting FOUI donation to Souper Bowl Chairman Paul Gowdy with FOUI Chowders 10/15/17



WNZK c/o Kathleen O’Neill receives generous Irish Radio support from the F.O.U.I.s on July 21, 2015 at the Gaelic League

l-r: Jim Dewan. Dave Wurtz, Joe Parsky, Gary Marchetti, Bill Boyd, Jerry Stewart, Kathleen O’Neill, Save LaBerge,  Bob Mundt, Brian Dunleavy, Pat Ewing

F.O.U.I. members Sunday, March 1, 2015 at the Parade Fundraiser held at the Gaelic League.

l-r: Pat Ewing, Grand Marshal Jim Dewan, Marty Dunleavy, Paul Doulette, Gary Marchetti, Joe Parsky, Brian Dunleavy, Jim Murphy, Sid Pardo

St Pat Church Christmas Decorating December 2013

l-r: Daryl Gray’s Sons 1.2,3, D. Laberge, E. Cullum, D. Gray, J. Dewan, C. McCarver, B. Dunleavy, P. Ewing

St Pat Church Christmas Decorating December 2007



F. O. U. I. Chowder Society performs on Sunday, September 11, 2015 at the 27th annual Souper Bowl for the Capuchins

l-r: John Connolly, Jack Dwyer, Ron Cooley, Jim Dewan, Frank Kenny, John Bentley, Bill Gunkleman, Brian Bonner, Director Don Mulrenin, Joe Parsky, Bill Boyd

F. O. U. I. Chowder Society performs on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at the Parade Fundraiser held at the Gaelic League.

l-r: on floor in front of stage (not seen John Bentley – Keyboard, Jim Pardo – Guitar) Director – Joe Parsky, seated Bill Boyd

l-r on stage: Dean Henkel, Pat Ewing, John Connolly, Grand Marshal Jim Dewan, Brian Dunleavy, Frank Kenny, Bob Quaine, Ron Cooley, Bill Gunkleman, Jim Murphy

l-r: Jack Dwyer, Tom McClarey, Jim Byrne, Bob Davis, Nick Massa, Pat Kennedy, Director-Don Mulrenin

The Foui Chowder Society performed at the St. Patrick Senior Center Irish Festival on Sunday, June 12, 2011

Director D. Mulrenin, (l-r Front) J. Bentley, J. Dwyer, J. Dewan, F. Kenny, N. Massa, J. Murphy

(l-r Back) B. Bonner, G. Pelyak, J. Reed, P. Kennedy, T. McClary, B. Boyd


The Foui Chowder Society performed at the St. John Senior Home on Tuesday, March 24, 2009.

Director D. Mulrenin, (l-r) B. Gunkleman, B. Davis, B. Head, N. Massa, T. McClary, J. Dewan, J. Byrne, B. Boyd, B. Bonner, P. Kennedy, G. Pelyak, J. Murphy


Fouis prep & clean the UIS Irish Plaza for the annual ‘Painting of the Shamrocks’ on March 8, 2009.

Painter Extraordinaire, Jim Murphy (center), Moral supporters & clean up crew (l-r) G. Marchetti, J. Dewan, B. Boyd, G Pelyak


The Foui Chowder Society performed at the Fr. Solanus Casey “Souper Bowl” on Sunday, October 12, 2008.

American Polish Century Club, 33204 MAPLE LANE, STERLING HEIGHTS, MI

(Please send picture to Jim Dewan if you have one)



The MAGNIFICENT young men of the Foui Chowder Society entertained

Fr. McGoldrick, August, 2008 as he recovered from his broken arm at St John Senior Home.

L-R; Jim Reed, Don Mulrenin, Pat Kennedy, George Pelyak, Bill Gunkleman, Brian Bonner, Jim Byrne, Bob Davis, Jack Dwyer, Nick Massa, Jim Dewan, Tom McClarey, Jim Murphy with Fr. Bill McGoldrick seated


The crowd pleasing Foui Chowder Society bask in the glow of the applause from their fans at the 2008 St. Patrick Spring Festival

L-R; Bill Head, Jim Reed, Bill Gunkleman, Nick Massa, Jim Dewan, Jim Byrne, Don Mulrenin, Tom McClarey, Bob Davis, Jim Murphy, Bill Boyd, George Pelyak.

Not shown – Joe Parsky, Brian Bonner