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2068 Michigan Ave.

Detroit, MI 48216

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On Michigan Avenue, 4

blocks west of Trumbull on the north side of Michigan Ave.


Gaelic League of Detroit/Irish American Club Bylaws and Constitution


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between Gaelic League and Irish American memberships?  Are they the same?


A. An Irish American membership is a social membership and does not have voting rights. A Gaelic League Membership has voting rights. Irish American membership does not require Irish birth or ancestry. Gaelic League membership does require Irish birth or ancestry. One must first be an active and contributing Irish American member for 24 consecutive months to be eligible for Gaelic League membership consideration.


Q. How do I become a Gaelic League member?


A. The following is an excerpt from the Constitution and Bylaws of the Gaelic League of Detroit/Irish American Club regarding Gaelic League membership requirements.


Section 1.

Any person of Irish Birth or descent is eligible to apply for Gaelic League membership provided the applicant is sponsored by a member in good standing. “Good standing” wherever used herein, shall mean dues are current and paid-to-date. Application for membership shall first be presented by the sponsor or designee at a General Gaelic League Membership meeting and be referred to the Membership Committee for its review. The actual introduction of the applicant will take place after the Membership Committee successfully completes the eligibility review. The applicant, in addition to being of Irish birth or descent, must also meet the following requirements:


a. The applicant must have been an active and contributing member in good standing of the Irish American Club for at least 24 consecutive months immediately prior to application for Gaelic League membership and pledge to continue to be active and contributing as a Gaelic League member. “Active and contributing”, wherever used herein, shall mean participation in events, activities, functions etc. conducted at the Gaelic League. Participation, wherever used herein, is the providing of any or all of the following; volunteering their labor, skills, talents, trades, funds, etc. when necessary, to successfully promote and facilitate the above and the AIMS and OBJECTIVES of the Gaelic League of Detroit.


b. The applicant must be twenty-one (21) years of age and appear at the Gaelic League meeting where he/she will be introduced and given the opportunity to express why he/she wishes to be a Gaelic League Member, before being voted on for Gaelic League membership.


Section 2. Application blanks will be supplied by the Organization which will carry a re-print of the “Aims and Objectives” of the Organization. The applicant, in signing the application, is indicating agreement with the “Aims and Objectives”.


Irish American Club Membership

  1. The membership of this organization shall be open to all persons who are 18 years of age and of good morals. Alcoholic beverages shall be served only to members and/or their guests who are 21 years of age or over.
  2. Persons holding membership in the Gaelic League are automatically members of the Irish-American Club.
  3. Irish-American Club Membership fees and/or annual dues shall be set by the Board of the Gaelic League.

Q. What are the “Aims and Objectives” of the Gaelic League of Detroit?


A. As stated in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Gaelic League of Detroit/Irish American Club the “Aims and Objectives” are;



To promote the common welfare and culture of the Irish race in Detroit and elsewhere.


To promote and maintain a social club and conduct other social activities.


To establish a building fund whereby we may own and maintain our own hall and for other purposes.


To promote and preserve Irish Language, dance, music, literature, and all Irish Culture for the benefit and entertainment of the members and their friends.


To maintain American ideals of liberty and uphold the principles on which America was founded.


To stimulate a just pride in Irish ideals and achievements by diffusing among its friends and associates a more intimate knowledge of Irish history and the history of the Irish race in America.


To carry on in the work of helping to establish a complete and wholly independent form of government for all of Ireland.


To make a commitment to protect and to keep The Gaelic League/Irish American Club of Detroit financially solvent.                           


Q. How do I apply for Irish American Club membership?


A. It is easy to become an Irish American member. Just stop into the Club and ask the bar person on duty for an Irish American Membership application. Complete the application and return it with your $20 annual dues to the bar person. Or, complete the application below and mail it with your $20 membership fee to: Gaelic League Treasurer, 2068 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216. Upon doing so, you have just completed your first step in becoming an active Irish American member. Listen to the Gaelic League Irish radio program on Sunday afternoon - Irish Radio Hour - WNZK 690AM 1:30-3:00 pm or read the newsletter for the many activities and events to which you can volunteer your time and talents to help accomplish the Aims and Objectives of the Gaelic League. We look forward to your active participation as a new Irish American member.


Text Box: Irish American Membership $20
Irish American Social Club Membership Application
$20 per person annual membership dues payable to:
Irish American Club • 2068Michigan Avenue •Detroit, MI 48216
PLEASE PRINT    NEW MEMBER   RENEWAL     Date ______________
Name(s) ____________________________________________________
City/State ____________________________________Zip Code________
Phone ( ___ ) ________________________   NEWSLETTER TO BE:
E-mail Address________________________   U.S. Mail   Internet
Application Taken By: __________________________________ Total $________________
METHOD OF PAYMENT:   CASH    CHARGE    CHECK#______________________
MAILED: _____________________________ INPUT: _______________________________



Pub Quiz 3rd Sunday

4 pm


Radio Show

1:30-3:00 pm




Set Dancing

8-10:00 pm


Board Meeting 4th Monday

6:30 pm


Membership Meeting

4th Monday 7:30 pm



Cultural Activities

7:00 pm



Ceili Dancing

8-10:00 pm

Entertainment 8 pm



Entertainment 8 pm